Bug Reports

An error occurs when searching with SearchPN.

Bug report typeNon-fatal bug
Program affectedProject Nelson (v1.0 Build 019)

When searching in a folder where you do not have privileges to access it or one or more of its subfolders, the following error occurs:

Access to the path '%PATH%' is denied.

where %PATH% is the path of the folder you do not have privileges to access.

This problem is most likely to occur in Windows Vista and onwards, which has several filesystem links in folders like Documents that aren't accessable to search.

Steps to reproduce
  1. Launch SearchPN.
  2. In the Location box, enter a location where you do not have privilages to access it or one or more of it's subfolders.
  3. Click the Search button.
    WorkaroundModify your search parameters to avoid folders you do not have privileges to access.
    StatusFIXED in v1.0 Build 020.
    Developer's comments

    SearchPN now ignores the error, but the rest of the subfolders in the searched folder may not be searched.

    Update 27 Mar 2011: I had previously indicated that the problem was only partially fixed in 1.0 Build 020. This is incorrect - at the eleventh hour I had decided to fix the problem fully, but forgot to update this page. I apologise for any inconvienience this caused.

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