Bug Reports

Comic Strip doesn't stop at the current date when the Next buton is clicked.

Bug report typeNon-fatal bug
Program affectedComic Strip (v1.0 Build 07, v1.0 Build 08, v1.0 Build 09)

When you click on the Next button at the current or last page in a comic, Comic Strip will continue searching past the current date for the next comic, until a it passes a threshold number of dates searched, at which point it stops.

Steps to reproduce
  1. Open Comic Strip, select a comic, and navigate to the current date.Comic Strip will navigate back to the latest comic.
  2. Click the Next button.

While Comic Strip is searching, change the date to a date before the latest comic.

StatusWILL_FIX in v1.0 Build 010.

Copyright © 2004-2011 Mark Kéy-Balchin.