Bug Reports

The PeoplePN window appears disabled on launch.

Bug report typeNon-fatal bug
Program affectedProject Nelson (v1.0 Build 019)
Details When you start PeoplePN, the main window appears disabled. This is because the dialog for setting your Contacts folder has disabled the main window, but has appeared under it.
Steps to reproduce
  1. Start PeoplePN for the first time.
WorkaroundHold down the <Alt> key and press <Tab> repetitively until you reach the window labelled "Form3". Then, deselect both keys.
StatusFIXED in v1.0 Build 020.
Developer's comments

PeoplePN now automatically selects a folder, rather than asking the user to do so.

Update 27 Mar 2011: I had previously indicated that the problem had been fixed by removing the dialog. This is incorrect - while the problem is fixed, the user must still specify a contacts folder. I apologise for any inconvienience this caused.

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