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Author's Comment

Backgrounds: The only frame that had any background to speak of was the first one, and even that was limited (only the road and the maths dept (yellow building on the left.) I didn't want to have to draw the same lineart without refs for panels 2-6, and I didn't want to copy and paste, so I just painted. I had a lot of fun doing it, and I quite like the effect, it kinda looks like watercolours to me.

The third panel: That was an early design for the left-hand side-view of Mark. It didn't work out so well, but it did end up in one other (non-CAB) comic.

Matt: When I had to reintroduce Matt in the "Truth" arc, I based him off panel five in this comic. The suprised look ended up being a fluke, albeit one I really liked. That said, this is the final appearence of classic-styled Matt, and the final comic for him for quite a bit. He reappears next in CAB#12.

Forgotten comic: Originally, #6 was going to be a comic about class photos, continuing on from the last comic, but I forgot about the idea. Heh... ^^;

Sketch: 7-8 September 2006
Lineart: 4 January 2009
Paint: 10 January 2009
App: Paint Shop Pro 5.01

Copyright © 2011 Mark Kéy-Balchin.