Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek version 2 | part of the Starlight Series.

Lilo and Stitch has to face their greatest challenge yet; not from the newly activated experiment 628, but from a far worse enemy. Will they be able to save themselves and Earth from a fate worse than death?

| Last updated 19 July 2011 | version 2 | 56,065 words over 57 chapters | Rated T.


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Chapter 1: The Dream
Chapter 2: Breakfast At The Pelekai Household
Chapter 3: Nani's Dream
Chapter 4: Cleaning Up The Attic
Chapter 5: Suspicious Minds
Chapter 6: A New Experiment
Chapter 7: Jumba's Lair
Chapter 8: Experiment 628
Chapter 9: The Truth Is Hard To Tell
Chapter 10: 628's Escape
Chapter 11: The Chase
Chapter 12: The Chase Part Two
Chapter 13: Unavailable Contacts and Override Sequences
Chapter 14: Hamsters and Tuna Sandwiches
Chapter 15: Bullfrogs and Mud Puddles
Chapter 16: Revelations
Chapter 17: Mistakes
Chapter 18: Confrontation
Chapter 19: Chosen Ones and Nebulae
Chapter 20: Boldly Going Forward
Chapter 21: Ships and Experiments
Chapter 22: Intruder Alert!
Chapter 23: Threats and Arguments
Chapter 24: Resistance is Futile
Chapter 25: Helping Hand
Chapter 26: Two Is Company, Three’s A Crowd
Chapter 27: Technical Difficulties
Chapter 28: Broken Power Couplings
Chapter 29: Playing Dead
Chapter 30: Ride To The Other Side
Chapter 31: Asteroids, Wormholes and Holograms
Chapter 32: Nineteen Ninety–Nine
Chapter 33: Joyriding and Introductions
Chapter 34: Chicken Scratches
Chapter 35: The Other Resistance Futilian
Chapter 36: Spider Issues
Chapter 37: Nani and the Toaster
Chapter 38: Shuttle Serenity
Chapter 39: Controls
Chapter 40: The Way Aboard
Chapter 41: Barge of the Barely Alive
Chapter 42: Drone
Chapter 43: Dreamless Sleep
Chapter 44: Sparky's Gone Away
Chapter 45: A Plan Unfurls
Chapter 46: Hopes and Expectations
Chapter 47 The Rescuers
Chapter 48: 426's Story
Chapter 49: A Difficult Decision
Chapter 50: Torn Asunder
Chapter 51: New Guests and Old Shipmates
Chapter 52: Explanations and Preperations
Chapter 53: Safety
Chapter 54: Corruption
Chapter 55: Deliverance
Chapter 56: Reunion
Chapter 57: 'Tis The Bell



Hello, and welcome to the second version of Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek. This website is intended to demonstrate the creative process that went into making Lilo & Stitch's Star Trek in it's entirety - so there aren't any edits, and all comments and reviews of the fic are shown in their entirety, with timestamps (if possible) and complete with author responses. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane as much as I did!

The second version's initial chapters suffered from poor to average writing, odd splits in perspective, rather short chapters with only some description (unlike the first version, which suffered from very little description!) and odd chapter titles. The chapters in the middle suffered from late schedules, too many chapter splits, several plot holes, things that sounded good at the time but now... well, aren't, a style that was very different from the first chapters, and a severe avoidance of the word "said". The later chapters are better, somewhat, longer, somewhat, and... well, not much different in terms of scheduling. :)

A quick note: Horizontal lines indicate a switch in perspective (for example, from Lilo's POV to Jumba's), while an asterisk dingbat (*) means that a length in time has passed.

This version is still being updated, mainly because I need a solid base upon which to build version three on, and I'd prefer a complete (if flawed) version than an incomplete version. (In fact, this is what I think was one of the failings of version 2 - no solid baseline to grow a story from, resulting in zig-zagging and inconsistancies. Oh well, we live and we learn!)


Copyright © 2011 Mark Kéy-Balchin.