Flash Card

Changelog for Flash Card 1.x (as of June 2014)

NOTE: Build dates are listed after the build number. These dates are written in the format dd-mm-yyyy.

1.0.03 (29-06-2014)

- Can now ‘play’ entire set, instead of just a random card, with the “Play” button.
- Can now preview individual cards by clicking on them and clicking “Preview” button.
- Can now create and delete flash card sets.
- Can now add, edit and delete flash cards.
- Flash card set picker now lists sets from the Cards folder in the program folder, in the users’ Application Data folder, and in the All Users’ Application Data folder, as well as just sets straight in the program folder.
- Flash card set picker now recognises .FlashCardSet files as well as .set files.
- Flash card player now checks flash card set file’s parent directory for images rather than just the program directory.
- Major architectural revamping.
- Added Help menu at top-right corner.
- Added About dialog.
- Removed “Start” button.

1.0.02 (25-07-2009) (not public)

- New main window for selecting sets and listing questions and answers. (Random question can be displayed by clicking “Start”.)
- Questions can now have images with them.
- Flash card set read from file, rather than being hardcoded.
- Removed three redundant text boxes from question screen.

1.0.01 (04-11-2007) (not public)

- First version of Flash Card. ‘Disables’ screen on launch, asks hardcoded question and checks for hardcoded answer.

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